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The largest single-ticket Euromillions payout of 113 million euro was won by an anonymous British ticket-holder on 20 October, 2010

SuperEnalotto is Italy's largest lottery. On August 22, 2009, the jackpot was finally won. Since January 31, 2009, nobody had won the jackpot. The total prize money was 147,807,299.08 euro - ($205 million U.S. dollars) for a player of Bagnone (Toscana). This is Europe’s biggest jackpot for a single winner.

"It can happen to anybody. If I can win, anybody can win,"  said David Coterel of Riverside, Ohio.  Mr. Coterel made a special trip into Indiana to purchase $10 worth of Powerball tickets for the Saturday, August 25th drawing and won the 4th largest Powerball jackpot in history. The jackpot-winning ticket was purchased at the Speedway in Richmond, Indiana.

Mr. Coterel, a retired auto worker, and his two adult children claimed the $314 million jackpot and decided to take the cash option. They will collect $145,985,099 before taxes.  David Coterel, Jr. and his sister Lynn Hiles quit their jobs and plan on purchasing new cars while Mr. Coterel, Sr. plans to enjoy watching his children live out their dreams.


largest lottery winnings in lotteries Euromillions are the following:

- 126 321 764 euros, on May 08, 2009 (Spain)

- 115 436 126 euros, on July 29, 2005 (Ireland)

- 100 000 000, on February 9, 2007 (Belgium)

- 76 611 580 euro, on January 25, 2008 (Spain)

- 75 888 514 euro, on September 16, 2005 (France)

- 75 753 123 euro, on May 31, 2006 (Belgium)

25-year inhabitant of the island of Mallorca, Spain, was the winner in European lottery Euromillions forward AFP.

The young lady won the circulation on Friday evening, the biggest gain in 5-year history of lotteries lottery. It amounted to 126 321 764 euros. It failed to recognize these numbers 5-(4, 23, 24, 29, 31) and two additional (8, 9) to snatch the experience of 6 jackpot circulation.

Chance to know and the 7 numbers is 1 to 76 275 360.

Profits of the inhabitant of Majorca is equal to 4-year salary of David Beckham - the best paid footballer in the world, or the cost of 2 aircraft Airbus A-320.

The identity of the mystery has been lucky so far. Lady very aware of their vast fortune only yesterday. She was sick with flu all weekend and remained in bed at home. Yesterday in her phone call from the Spanish company Serviapuestas, which organizes online lotteries in Spain and sells tickets on the Internet for "Evromilioni.

It is this company sold the winning ticket to the girl. Then she validated in the point in Madrid. 

"When I learned about his good fortune, the young lady was both scared and very, very excited," says Jose Mieres, Director General of Serviapuestas.

Yesterday the media in Spain did not cease to wonder about the identity of the winner, having hitherto been known only that a citizen of Spain, being one man and that the ticket is validated in th office in Madrid. Some newspapers even suggested that not just for residents of the capital for tourists.

Record jackpot in Euromillions of 183 Euro 573 077 was hit on 3 February 2006, three players - Portuguese and two Frenchmen - who split up in 61 191 026 euros.

World record profit in games of chance, however, is placed in the U.S.: 390 million dollars (286 million today) in U.S. lotto MegaMillions, won in March 2007

LONDON - British couple won more than 64 million euros in lottery lottery Euromillions said the Daily Telegraph. This is the most popular lotto profit that goes to the island.

Are lucky Nigel Page and Justin Leykok of Glostarshir. Nigel recently started playing the lottery last week and won 64 euros. On Saturday morning he saw the news on television, when reporting that this time the jackpot goes to Spain and Britain. Almost as a lark, he decided not to check the British winning would be him. Once open registration to the Internet site of the lottery, received a congratulatory message. And discovered that his account unless they are 64 euro from last week a new 64 million.

He and Justin now intend to leave work to buy a house with a pool and to travel around the world.

LONDON - Englishman and Jerry won a total of 41.7 million euro lottery jackpot of local circulation of the end of last week.

53-year-old builder from Dorking, Surrey County, Colin Stern won 29.9 million from the lottery Euromillions with sheet for 6 euros. He bet on numbers 11, 26, 29, 49 and 50. Worker better off suddenly yesterday announced that it will share millions with his brother Gary (51), his sister Teresa (49) and their father George (76). Colin's mother died half a year ago from cancer.

The family was still in shock of unexpected luck and now only two planned purchases - Motorcycle Harley Davidson and chopper.


PARIS - Santa Claus came early to the house of a Frenchman, who won 60 million euros from the game Euromillions, AFP reported.

Big profits fell in the Department of Dub. Lucky is the only participant in this drawing, which recognized the seven numbers on a winning combination. Euromillions is played in nine countries on the continent - France, Spain, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Austria.

"They did chance to numbers is one of 76 million. The Frenchman is secured forever, because profit is equal to the guaranteed minimum wage his country for 50 centuries.

Lucky are available 60 days to disclose its identity to the authorities and to take a check. The record in Euromillions belongs to the Spaniard, which hit 126 million in May 2009


PARIS - Belgian and a Frenchman shared profits of more than 75 million euros from a lottery, said yesterday.

Jackpot of the game "Evromilioni is exactly 75 140 660 euros. She fell into the drawing live broadcast by French television TF1.

Lotto lottery is playing in nine countries - Austria, Belgium, Ireland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

Only two people have crossed the seven winning numbers. Each will take on 37 570 330 euros.



(local currency)

$390m Mega Millions United States
Won by one ticket holder from New Jersey and one from Georgia 6 March 2007 World's largest jackpot
$365m Powerball United States
One ticket bought jointly by eight co-workers at a Nebraska meat processing plant 18 February 2006 World's largest single ticket winner
$363m The Big Game United States
Two winning tickets: Larry and Nancy Ross (Michigan), Joe and Sue Kainz (Illinois) 9 May 2000 The Big Game is now named Mega Millions
$314.9 Million Powerball United States
Andrew Jackson “Jack” Whittaker, Jr.
25 December 2002 World's largest single person winner
?180m EuroMillions France ?2,
Portugal ?1
Three ticket holders 3 February 2006 Europe's largest jackpot
?177,7m SuperEnalotto Italy
One ticket holder but shared by a syndicate of 70 players 30 October 2010
?147,8m SuperEnalotto Italy
One ticket holder from Bagnone (Toscana) 22 August 2009 Europe's largest single winner
?126m EuroMillions Spain
Anonymous 25 year-old woman 8 May 2009 Largest single winner in EuroMillions.
?42m National Lottery United Kingdom
Three ticket holders 6 January 1996
?37.6m National Lottery Germany
Won by a nurse from North Rhine-Westphalia
7 October 2006 Largest German prize and single winner
?25m State Lottery Netherlands
Ticket sold in The Hague
10 July 2008 Tax free lump sum
?115m Euro Millions Ireland
Dolores McNamara
August 2005 Biggest single winner and jackpot (Ireland)

Tax free lump sum

?347.8m Philippine Lotto Draw
Two winners in Luzon 22 February 2009 Asia's largest prize
R$145m Mega-Sena
Won by one ticket holder from Bras?lia(Federal District) and one from Santa Rita do Passa Quatro (S?o Paulo) 31 December 2009 South America's largest prize
?56m EuroMillions United Kingdom
21 year old Steve Dentten of West Sussex. The total jackpot of ?113m was shared with a winner in Spain. 12 January 2010 Britain's biggest ever lottery prize