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Two punters crack 100-million-euro lottery jackpot in Britain

Nov 7, 2009 - Two tickets, both from the UK, will share the largest ever lottery prize ever given out in this country after Friday night's 100m euro  euromillions lottery jackpot draw.

It is still to be confirmed whether the winning tickets are held by individuals rather than syndicates.

However, if either has been bought by a single person then it would break the current winnings record of 35.4m banked by Angela Kelly, from Airth Castle near Falkirk in Scotland, in the same lottery two years ago.

The biggest ever European win was recorded in May this year when a ticket bought in Spain netted 126m euro (110m).

Lucky Euro Millions Superdraw winner bags France's biggest ever payout

Sat, 19 Sep 2009 - Paris - A French lottery player beat about 40 million other hopefuls, and odds of 1 in 76 million, to win 100 million euros (147.1 million dollars) in a European jackpot, the largest lottery payout ever made in France. The unnamed winner, who hails from France's Mediterranean coast, picked the winning combination of 6, 16, 30, 38 and 41, as well as the bonus numbers of 2 and 4 to win the Euro Millions lottery, reported French broadcaster TF1.

The winner was the only one to pick that combination of numbers. Residents of nine European countries can participate in the lottery.

Although the win sets French records, the European record for a lottery win goes to an unknown Italian who won 147 million euros in August. The world record was set in October 2005, when a US lottery player won 340 million dollars.

A 25-year-old Spanish woman who won a record $225 million in the Euro Millions lottery only learned of her good luck days later after spending the weekend bed-ridden with the flu, officials say.

The unnamed woman from the island of Majorca discovered that she had won the jackpot when lottery officials finally tracked her down on Monday, three days after the winning numbers were announced, online lottery seller Serviapuestas said in a statement.

"I was still sick on Monday so I decided to go to work out of fear of losing my job given the economic crisis we are going through," she was quoted as saying in the statement.

The woman was the only one to tick the five correct numbers (4, 23, 24, 29, 31) and two stars (8, 9) and win the huge jackpot drawn in Paris in a ticket which she bought through Serviapuestas.

"When she learned the news she was frightened and at the same time very, very moved.

"Logically she asked us many questions," the company said in the statement.

She also told Serviapuestas that when they first contacted her "I thought they were pulling my leg ... I thought it was some publicity."

The woman said she now plans to buy a country house in Majorca and raise horses.

"I have always liked animals, nature, sensitive things..," she said.

The jackpot of 126,231,764 euros ($ 225,019,143) is enough to buy two Airbus A-320 jets.

The previous record in the lottery, run by nine European countries, had been held since July 2005 by Dolores McNamara of Gallyowen near Limerick in southwest Ireland who took home $205.8 million.

Friday's winner beat odds of 76 million to one to win the equivalent of four years' salary by David Beckham, the world's best paid footballer.

Euro Millions, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, brings together France, Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria. The jackpot begins at 15 million euros ($A26.7 million) each week but is rolled over if there is no winner. The world record for a game of chance is $510 million split by two winners of the super jackpot in the American Mega Millions lottery in March 2007.


2nd February 2009 - By Gemma Wheatley

BRITAIN'S national lottery is set to go global with a new game with weekly mega-jackpots of ?250million.

The move follows a deal between Camelot and operators in America to offer the amazing prize.

And it means it really could be you - with the draw set to be up and running within two years.

Camelot is understood to have signed an "exploratory agreement" with the firm behind the hugely successful Powerball game that combines 32 lotteries across American states and in 2006 paid out ?210m.

Camelot now plans to bring the idea to Britain so we can play with countries round the world creating a global game even bigger than the Euro Millions draw.

A lottery insider said: "Powerball is the only thing that comes anywhere near challenging Euro Millions. So by combining the two, the sky's the limit."

Tickets are likely to be more than the Euro Millions ?1.50. Proceeds will stay in the countries where tickets are sold and be paid to their good causes.

Camelot is also considering an annual world draw, with a possible ?1 billion prize.

A spokesman for the national lottery said: "Discussions with potential partners around the world are continuing at a pace."

Lotto woman enjoys multi-million 'wee win'

August 16, 2007

A BRITISH woman was yesterday left speechless after learning she had scooped the EuroMillions lottery jackpot of ?35.4 million ($85.88 million).

"I couldn't really say anything. I just pushed my head back then put my head down. I was so flabbergasted," said Angela Kelly, 40, recounting the moment that she checked her ticket at work on Monday.

Postal worker wins

The postal worker, from East Kilbride, near the western Scottish city of Glasgow, said her hands were shaking as she got work colleagues to double check whether she had not made a mistake.

She then told her son John, 14, by telephone: "We've had a wee win in the lottery."

The windfall - still only the ninth-biggest payout won by a single person in the nine-country lottery that has been operating since 2004 - catapults Kelly to top of Britain's rich list of individual lottery winners.

The ?35,425,412 jackpot means that she will earn her current wage of ?21,000 ($50,972) per year every week after tax, said a spokeswoman for Camelot, which operates the British arm of the European lottery.

Kelly, who told a news conference that the win had not yet sunk in, bought a lucky dip ticket for ?1 50 pence ($3.63) for Friday's draw at a supermarket near her home.

Has not decided on spending

She told reporters she had not decided how to spend the cash although her teenage son had already begun compiling a growing list of computer games and equipment.

But she said she may buy a new car and was planning to upgrade her airline ticket to first class when she visits relatives in Canada.

She said she had also had her first nail manicure and was pondering donations to a number of charities.

Kelly, who has worked at the same mail centre since she was 16, has been separated from her husband Gerry, also a Royal Mail worker, for eight years.

She said their split had been amicable and he was "over the moon" at her win.

'Happy' to give away money

There had been no discussion whether she would give him a share of the winnings, but she said she was "happy" to give him some of the money.

The previous British individual lottery win record holder was Marion Richardson, from Gateshead, north-east England, who won ?16.7 million ($40.52 million) on the EuroMillions lottery draw in April 2004.

The biggest EuroMillions lottery jackpot to date was ?77 million ($186.88 million), which was won by mother-of-six Dolores McNamara, of Limerick, Ireland, in July 2005.

European Lottery's $222 Million Cash Prize Held by 3 Tickets

Paris, France (AHN) - Three winning ticket-holders will share the 126 million British pounds - the top prize in euromillions lottery, the lottery held in nine European countries. The winners will split the equivalent of $222 million. Two of the winning tickets were purchased in France and one in Portugal, according to the lottery operator. The winning numbers were 9, 21, 30, 39, 50 and the Lucky Stars numbers were 1 and 3. The jackpot in Friday's drawing swelled after no winners emerged from any lottery since Nov.11. The possible payoff lured would-be millionaires from across the region.

Euromillions lottery  was created two years ago by the lotteries of France, the U.K. and Spain to increase revenue by creating bigger paydays. Revenue at the three companies that run the service has risen during the past two years, and the growth prompted Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and Portugal to join the game in October 2004.

In most European countries, unlike the U.S., winnings aren't subject to income tax and the money is paid out immediately once the winning ticket is validated.

Frenchman and son scoop $93 million lottery jackpot

PARIS - A jobless 55-year-old Frenchman and one of his seven children shared a prize of 75.88 million euros ($92.80 million) on Saturday after selecting combinations of the family's ages in the multi-nation Euro Millions lottery.

The French lottery firm said the winning ticket in Friday's draw was bought in 'Cafe de l'Arrivee' - the Arrival Pub - at Franconville-la-Garenne in Val d'Oise, not far from Paris.

French television showed one of the winner's sons arriving at the cafe on Saturday to celebrate and talk to reporters. The record jackpot in the lottery was 115.4 million euros won in July in Ireland.

This week's winning numbers were 12, 13, 19, 21 and 38 on the main board,