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Euromillions by TV

Where and how You can watch EuroMillions by TV


EMISSION TV by channel TF 2

Every Tuesday and Friday you can watch the EuroMillions draw presented by tandem.

Program in two phases, rich in emotions

Each draw is common to all participating countries

The program is broadcast live from the French studio, under the supervision of a bailiff, the draw is common to all countries and immediately are sending to the different satellite TV channels every Tuesday and Friday around 21:30.

If you missed the broadcast live, you can watch the replay, which is the same night between 22:30 and 23:15

Lotto jackpot to be won by a participant who has known  5 of 50  numbers and 2 stars of 11. The probability to know is 1:116,531,800

After winning combination was announced, follows the climax of the evening - is there a winner !!!??? Who will grab the jackpot? Which side? How many, one, two or more?

In the event that no winner of the lottery jackpot remains for the next draw.

Of course, the computer needs some time to check all tickets, but it takes little time and almost immediately understood the outcome of the next draw.

Transmitted immediately be sent to various TV channels and satellite broadcasters in the participating countries in the game.

Thus, all participants can watch the live drawing of winning numbers.

If you are a resident of one of the member countries of the lottery you can watch the drawing of numbers for any of your national television.

If you are a resident of a Member, you can watch the drawing of numbers in BBCone or TF 2.

You can also watch it in one of the Internet online TV or video at http://www.youtube.com/


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