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El Gordo Christmas lottery draw

There are certain times of the year when lottery excitement builds into a frenzy. This is one of those times.

On 22nd December, the biggest one-day lottery event in the world, Spain’s “El Gordo” (or “The Big One”) takes place.

A Spanish tradition dating back to 1812, “El Gordo” just keeps getting bigger and better.

This year is no exception.

Want to know why?

  1. The 180 first prizes have grown to €4 Million each.
  2. The 180 second prizes have
    grown to €1.25 Million each.
  3. The total prize pool has ballooned to an astronomical €2.5 Billion.

That’s right. €2.5 Billion.

In addition to all this, the odds of winning a prize are better than 1 in 7 AND you can win up to seven times on a single ticket! Isn’t this lottery fabulous?

This is one of the hottest tickets you can buy. On the draw day, Spain comes to a grinding halt in anticipation

About 98% of all Spaniards hold at least a small portion of a lottery ticket in “El Gordo” and people wait all day to hear the results.The process to draw all the winning numbers is long and full of ceremony, taking in excess of three hours.

This game is serious business. Unlike other lotteries, these tickets are limited. It’s no wonder they sell out quickly – and this year is hotter than ever! Thanks to European Lottery Guild (ELG), the world’s most trusted lottery agency since 1990, you can secure your spot in “El Gordo” now before tickets are all gone!