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eurojackpot broshureIt is new lotto game on United Europe. Created only six monts ago Eurojackpot lotto and with first draw on 23 March this game promises to become in the leading lottery in Europe.

In this short time of six monts before the beginning of Eurojackpot lottery are included nine countries. They are Italy, Norway, Denmark,  Slovenia, Germany,  Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden and Finland. The main idea comes from Germany.  German lotto has never been a leader on the lotto market. With the creating on a new international lotto game Germany wants to take first place as a lotto organizer. Other reason is the dominant role of EuroMillions lottery on the Europe`s market.

As a competitor of EuroMillions EuroJackpot lotto has almost the same rules. The game is playing with 5 numbers from 50 and 2 additional numbers from 8.

Eurojackpot lottery offers 12 level of prizes. It makes the game so interesting. The jackpot starts from 10 Millions euro and can reach till 90 Millions euro. The unique in Eurojackpot is that when the jackpot increases and reached to 90 Millions it can be keep only 12 weeks without somebody to win. The jackpot will be won in 13th draw independently  whether there is or not a player who has won all numbers. It will be won from the player who has known highest level.

The draw will be every Friday evening in Helsinki. It will be broadcasted by TV in each of the nine countries.

Everybody who are over 18 years can play Eurojackpot lotto. The players who do not live in these nine countries can play online. The lottery Euro Jackpot is available  around the world through

The odds is 1 : 59.325.280. It is double better than the odds in EuroMillions.

Another odds are:


How can you buy Eurojackpot lottery tickets?

eurojackpot lottoIt is so easy. You need only from an PC and  internet connection. Without meaning where are you. Around the world you can play online. When you have these two things described above you have to register yourself and to play how many you want.

The playing online is the same like to play by the traditional way. Whether the ticket is printed on paper or it is by internet there is no meaning, the game is a game. The the most important is to fill your Eurojackpot lucky numbers.


Eurojackpot FAQ

Who can play Eurojackpot lottery?

Everybody who is older than 18 years, and have a PC and internet connection.

What other is necessary to play?

It is necessary to have a valid credit card or to make a deposit by some of the additional payment methods which we support.

What is happen after my game?

After you fill your lucky numbers and have paid your e-ticket it comes in our server from where it goes to the Eurojackpot server. By the same way your money goes to the bank account of the lottery game which you played. By a way back the lottery ticket comes in our server and an e-mail with the confirmation goes to your mail. It is your real Eurojackpot e-ticket. It can not be changed anymore. Like the printed on the paper ticket in the traditional way to play.

By this way you can be sure that your game is registered.

What will happen if I win?

Eurojackpot is a lottery game free of tax. You must be sure that you are going to receive the full amount you have won. In case that you have won we will load your account in the site with your prize. When it is done you can do what you want with your money.

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